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Use as a divider in large fish tanks and ponds. Floating lid, black polyester net. Each is 2' deep. NYCFLC1: 1 ft x 3ft NYCFLC2: 2ft x 3ft NYCFLC3

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Heron Guard is a unique pond protection system, designed to be easy and effective. Divide 914.4cm by 50.8cm = 18 Heronguards required.

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Nycon Floating Flora Island & Fish barrier

The Safe Haven Floating Island Planter protects your water lilies and other aquatic plants from troublesome pond fish and koi. This product also allows the growth of lilies in ponds normally too deep, or that lack plant shelves. The Safe Haven floats approximately one inch above the water's surface, but can easily be adjusted by trimming the height of the screen with sharp scissors.

Safe Haven Floating Koi Pond Plant Protector 24 in. Diameter

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