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Shasta Cripplure - Fire Tiger/Glow

Shasta Tackle Wiggle Hoochies

Pitbull Tackle Dead Eye Jig 2.0

Fish & Tackle

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The Cha Cha 1.5 Kokanee is designed for the small mouths of kokanee. With its two-hook, no-gap squidder setup, it works great early or late in the season for kokanee and trout.

Mack's Lure Cha Cha 1.5 inch Kokanee Series

Mack's Fishing Terminal Tackle 27 In Lot. # 501

Shop Fishing Lures by Species — Mack's Lure Tackle

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Mack's Lure Cripplure Original – Coyote Bait & Tackle

what $750 of tackle looks like : r/Fishing_Gear

Mack's Lure Sling Blade™ Original : Sports & Outdoors

The Sonic BaitFish can be cast, swam, jigged or trolled and features three attachment points, enabling flutter and vibration, and includes two hooks. Few lures, if any, provide this kind of versatility. View the Sonic BaitFish Tech Guide. How do you change to different pull points with the hooks on the SBF already attached? The hooks are attached with a split ring, so they can be moved to any of the three attachment points on the lure.

Macks Sonic Baitfish- 1/2oz, Fire Tiger

Savage Gear Mackstick Speed Runner - Dorado

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